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Listing Accessible Properties –

Finding the right real estate agent to Sell your property is perhaps more critical for the disabled homeowner than any other.

Working with a real estate agent is important for anyone selling a home. Agents bring knowledge of the housing market, understanding of contracts and disclosures, and expertise about the home purchase process.  But for the disabled seller, finding the right real estate agent is extremely important.   Since most communities do not have real estate agents who specialize in working with clients with disabilities, asking the right questions is crucial.

Here are some issues to consider:

You can’t sell something you don’t understand   Many different tools are available for real estate agents to put their properties online, and they often use different ways of indicating accessibility features, such as ramps, modified bathrooms, etc.  In most cases, entering this data is optional for agents.   And there are some agents that do not wish to highlight accessibility features because they believe those features are a disincentive for potential buyers.  As a result of all this, many listings with accessibility features are NOT properly identified on the MLS, and won’t appear in custom searches for accessible properties by those buyers who want them.

Not all Accessible Homebuyers use a Wheelchair  The belief that the only people who are interested in the features of an accessible home are wheelchair users is short-sighted. The fact is that the want and need for functionality of accessible homes is growing rapidly, and avoiding marketing those features for your listing means that you are missing a very important piece of the marketplace.

Accessible Listings are not Just Like any other Listing    Because of the general lack of understanding on how to reach the right buyers, the typical sources of advertising your home are not sufficient by themselves.  Understanding local and national resources for reaching disabled buyers is a critical missing tool in finding the potential buyer for your home. The following pages are some of the resources that we will use to reach the greatest number of potential buyers.

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